Online trade fair

How does the hybrid trade fair double küchenwohntrends and möbel austria work?

From 2021, the trade fair double will also be available to visit on a further level: from 4th to 8th October 2021 as an online trade fair and physically from 6th to 8th October 2021 in the Salzburg Exhibition Center. This additional added value has many facets: More contacts, every employee of a company can now take part in the online trade fair as a visitor and experience the great variety of exhibitors in order to visit the trade fair on site on the following days. This is particularly obvious at national trade fairs like ours.

The online fair is open 24 hours. This means that even more visitors can use direct virtual contact with exhibitors and communicate directly.

As an exhibitor of the online edition of küchenwohntrends and möbel austria, you will receive your own online access so that you can fill your area yourself. There you can also see the number of your visitors and a lot more.

What does participation cost for me as an exhibitor?
The basic version is free of charge for physical exhibitors of the küchenwohntrends.
If you only want to take part in the two online trade fairs, participation costs a one-time fee of € 2,150 for both online fairs, and you can participate online from 3rd to 7th May and 6th to 8th October 2021.
There are also the following options, which you can book as an exhibitor for the online trade fair:
  • Visitor function "Leave business cards" for 125 €
  • Visitor function "Leave an email" for 125 €
  • Visitor function "Video call" for 125 €
  • Visitor function "Live chat" for 125 €
  • Livestreams during the fair in October: 1 livestream publication 490 €, 2 livestream publications 690 €
  • as well as other possibilities to increase your visibility (product group images / theme world images, banners etc.) can be found in our
    media data