küchentrends gmbh has been renbranded to trendfairs gmbh

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from a humble beginning, the trade-fair format of küchentrends gmbh has developed into a series of major industry events with hundreds of exhibitors, as well as over 13,000 visitors every year. a good enough reason to restructure, and to rebrand the trade-fair company küchentrends gmbh to the neutral name trendfairs. 

following the küchenwohntrends (kitchen living trends) in salzburg, the küchentrends (kitchen trends) and wohntrends (living trends) have made another appearance in munich: the kitchen is an important part of the living space, and not separate from it. this merger is represented by the küchentrends, wohntrends and küchenwohntrends trade fairs. "our concept reaches far beyond kitchens and offers further exciting prospects", the initiator michael rambach explains. he organises trade fairs for kitchens and living spaces together with his team. the development has been so positive that it almost necessitates a rebranding, coupled with looking to the future. trendfairs will act as a trade-fair company that organises reputable trade fairs in various venues. the renowned küchentrends wohntrends trade fairs will continue to take place in munich, under the same roof as the area30 in löhne, and in salzburg, and the küchenwohntrends with an independent brand name and profile. additional trade-fair formats are also possible. the experience gained in munich, löhne und salzburg will be significantly extended and expanded upon. valuable impetus both from the exhibitors as well as from the entire industry are the indicators of new ideas and their implementation. 

with the new name trendfairs, which has been active since may 2014, the previously named küchentrends gmbh is proving itself a strong partner for the industry. the structural change is also accompanied by a move into a new, more spacious office building.  

the company is managed by four shareholders: michael rambach is responsible for finance and sales, ulrike rohde is the managing director, stefan kuchenbauer is responsible for marketing, and arian kiesling manages distribution and technical organisation. from july 2010 to december 2013, the trend gmbh in munich was among the shareholders. it has now been replaced and rambach, kuchenbauer and rohde have now acquired further shares. arian kiesling is the newest member of the team. with their engagement and experience, the trendfairs team is adapting to the requirements of exhibitors and trade visitors. 

the company trendfairs can be contacted under:  

trendfairs GmbH
Stefan-George-Ring 29
81929 München
Telefon +49. (0) 89. 3 09 040 190
telefax +49. (0) 89. 3 09 040 193

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