Diverse, high quality, durable and sustainable

Kitchens, dressing rooms and utility rooms from Rotpunkt Küchen, manufactured in Germany, stand for these qualities. At two locations in North Rhine-Westphalia, we employ over 360 qualified employees in the areas of production, logistics and administration.

What was founded in 1930 as a box factory under the name "Rabe & Meyer" is now an internationally active manufacturer of kitchen and home furniture in the premium segment. Rotpunkt Küchen is growing - not least thanks to trade relations all over the world.

The company is managed by the managing partners Heinz-Jürgen Meyer and Andreas Wagner and by Sven Herden, Managing Director Sales and Marketing. Together they rely on their own production structure with efficient machinery, a diverse product portfolio and reliability in delivery. The company's continuous growth is to continue in the future - among other things, through investments in machinery, advanced technologies and the expansion of national and international dealer relationships. Furthermore, the kitchen producer is expanding its headquarters in Bünde, East Westphalia.

In 2017, the company gradually began to comprehensively address the topic of "sustainability". Processes were reconsidered, habits questioned. Since then, not only economic aspects but also oncological and social points have been taken into account when making decisions. Today, the sustainable orientation plays a central role in the everyday life of Rotpunkt Küchen. By using green electricity and investing in sustainability projects, Rotpunkt Küchen manufactures as climate-friendly as possible.

CO2 emissions are reviewed annually and measures for continuous CO2 reduction are derived. In addition to conventional particleboard, the Rotpunkt Küchen range includes a sustainable form of particleboard (greenline BioBoard Gen2) that uses less virgin wood and conserves natural resources. Furthermore, 95 percent of the Rotpunkt Küchen range is FSC® certified.

The consideration of CO2 emissions plays a central role. Using the "avoid-reduce-compensate" approach, Rotpunkt Küchen can manufacture in a climate-friendly way. All emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced are offset in sustainability projects via a certified partner (MyClimate). When selecting these projects, the standard and impact of the projects is very important to the company. Rotpunkt Kitchens therefore only focuses on projects that are certified to the highest standard (Gold Standard VER) and which make a positive contribution to the development of the local population. The choice fell deliberately on projects in Africa, because more can be achieved there than in progressive countries, for example in Europe.

All these measures help to gradually minimize the ecological footprint of the company and its products.

The next goal? Furniture that is not only produced in a climate-friendly way, but also manufactured with CO2-neutral input materials.

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