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Press Release

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Marc Röder takes responsibility for customers at Trendfairs


Trade fair organiser Trendfairs GmbH, Munich, strengthens customer relationships for its events in küchenwohntrends in Munich and Salzburg, area30 with cube30 in East Westphalia and the online trade fair Industrial clerk Marc Röder, who has been with the company since the end of 2019, will take over key customer relationships in the company's existing and new customer business on 1st April.

The 28-year-old industrial clerk comes from the automotive sector and, in addition to the main shareholders Michael Rambach and Ulrike Rohde, also takes on entrepreneurial responsibility. For many of the company's customers, Röder will in future be the contact person for the preparation and organization of the trade fairs and will take over the tasks of the departing Arian Kiesling.

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trendfairs GmbH is an independent trade fair organiser of sophisticated industry events. trendfairs GmbH leverages its excellent event know-how and keen sense of the market to create highly attractive themed experiences: the “küchenwohntrends” premium trade fair in Munich, the “küchenwohntrends” trade fair in Salzburg and the “area30 and cube30”, and the order trade fairs for the kitchen industry in Löhne.

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