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Press Release

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Salzburg’s küchenwohntrends and möbel austria 2017 rounded off their performances with a stable growth

“Three days of sunshine” - not exactly a euphoric weather report for 10th - 12th May 2017, but definitely the shortest summary of events to unfold at the most recent küchenwohntrends and möbel austria 2017 industry trade fairs hosted by the city of Salzburg in Austria. Strong growth in trade fair floor space, 10% more exhibitors and brands and an even greater number of visitors than the previous year - such numbers really do make for a positive, quantitative summary. However, number-crunching alone is not the be all and end all, despite the event’s resounding success.

Especially when considering that - in what has now become an international stage for the furniture and kitchen installation industry, its suppliers and accessory distributors, the electric appliances industry, major procurement groups and service providers - a lasting impression and a sense of having been part of a premium industry event in high demand are, at the very least, equally important criteria for determining the level of success.

Continued floor space growth

Exhibitors and visitors alike were in fantastic spirits during all three trade fair days, heaping on plenty of praise from all sides for the unique presentations and expert talks at the Siemens Podium Events, the supporting services and the optimal infrastructure.

The exhibition space at küchenwohntrends and möbel austria had already been fully booked before the reservation period expired and this year it spanned 15,165 m². This figure represents an 11.5% increase from 2015 (13,600 m²) when, in comparison to the premier event back in 2013, organisers had already registered 33% growth (10,048 m²). Hall 10, home to both events, provided the ideal space for the show’s key topic: the fusion of Kitchen, Home, Life and Communication.

10% increase among exhibiting companies and brands

The trade fair duo outshone their previous performances with growth, in particular within the Home, Sleeping and Wardrobe segments. A total of 67 exhibitors and brands were brought on board from this area with real enthusiasm. Such a wonderful continuation of upward momentum translated into a total participant number of 221 exhibitors and brands. By comparison, the year 2015 saw approximately 200 presenting companies generate excitement and enthusiasm among visiting industry professionals (2013: 130 companies).

Successful business deals were, of course, the focus of everyone's attention, premised on successful communication between its participants. A detail certainly worthy of praise here too: The most sought-after industry events are characterised by a shared endeavour towards cooperation and discussion based on mutual trust, facilitated by an equitable exchange of opinion in a pleasant atmosphere. küchenwohntrends and möbel austria alike delivered exactly this framework, and in excellent fashion.

A “precision landing” by visitors for the Danube-Alpine-Adriatic region

The 4,279 trade visitors from 24 recorded nations represent a solid 3.3% real terms increase in visitor numbers vis-a-vis the previous event (4,143). Austria topped the trade visitor list with approximately two thirds of the overall number (2,946), followed by Germany (27%), Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia. Confirmation, then, of a plan gone well for küchenwohntrends and möbel austria, given that the original intention was to drive the events’ regional appeal, while drawing in professionals and experts from the Danube-Alpine-Adriatic region. Additional visitor groups had also made the journey from Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia. And as with our previous events, there was a sprinkling of “exotic” visitors from the USA and South Africa.

The composition of trade visitors is an interesting point, given that it speaks volumes for the event's premium quality status. Roughly half of all visitors were equally distributed as representatives of the furniture trade (1,030) along with trade carpenters and joiners (1,006) - a near-perfect mirror image of Austria's marketing structure for furniture. Third place was taken up (as expected) by kitchen studios (approx. 700). The following visitor group - comprising architects and interior designers - has shown an interesting development: With almost 400 visitors, the group registered a twofold increase over the previous event in 2015.

Permanently established business appointment for key decision-makers

A structure dictated by the respective positions in a company is the clearest indication of the exceptional development experienced by the trade fair duo. Executive director level took first place among visitor groups: Roughly 1,450 visitors in 2017 were business owners or executive directors. Such a weighting is particularly attributable to Austrian business owners, who in the meantime have come to view their attendance at the trade fair duo as mandatory.

The second largest visitor group - comprising over 1,100 individuals - spans the entirety of the sales and purchasing disciplines. Nearly 400 designers also made their way to Salzburg, which also underscores the overriding appeal of the products and services on offer. And a major plus point for everyone involved is that this relatively young and exclusive event enjoyed an unusually high level of media interest, thanks to the coverage from 70 journalists.

A genuine sense of community, ideal event conditions

For Michael Rambach, executive director of trendfairs GmbH and trade fair organiser for küchenwohntrends, the success enjoyed by the recently concluded küchenwohntrends and möbel austria 2017 is attributable to many individuals, but he singles out the notion that everyone pulled together as being of key importance: “As all involved know, we oversaw the event’s fusion with “möbel austria”, a move which in itself is enormously strong. Community does, however, mean excellent communication between exhibitors and trade fair organisers above all. We, as trade fair organisers, enjoy very close contact with almost all of our customers, and we make sure to listen intently to everything they have to say.”

Erich Gaffal, Cluster Manager for the MHC business network of the Business Upper Austria agency, and trade fair organiser for möbel austria.
“Making your way around the möbel austria trade fair is an entertaining experience, because the latest news from home-grown furniture producers is everywhere. Our goal is not quantity, but quality! Visitors can enjoy an attractive cross-section of industry highlights - including the latest developments and trends in design - thanks to a fast-paced, streamlined concentration of exhibitors. We have succeeded over recent years in establishing möbel austria as the industry event in interior furnishing. The increasing number of exhibitors, the growth in floor space and the overwhelming interest of trade visitors speaks for itself.”

Exhibitor statements on the event itself can be found by visiting Downloads.

This year’s sense of community cohesion, a fantastic trade fair atmosphere, great business deals and appealing side events have given everyone involved a surge in motivation for upcoming events in 2019. With growth rates averaging 50% over just three events compared to its premiere in 2013 (when applying important measurable criteria), the bar has been set quite high.

As good as promised: 2019 will deliver even more excitement!

The goals the trade fair organisers have set themselves for the upcoming trade fair duo are consequently ambitious: promoting successful cooperation between exhibitors, projecting both furniture and Austria into the international spotlight, building on the number of exhibitors (in particular from Austria), increasing the exhibition duo's appeal across the Danube-Alpine-Adriatic region, and integrating additional new product groups. Will they deliver on all these goals - there's no doubt. Consider this: “The future will also see us host an outstanding event”, reassures Michael Rambach, the event representative, with real conviction.

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